Friday, June 10, 2016

Southwest T-shirt - a refashion story

This was a fun & easy little project. I normally like to refashion t-shirts, but this time I admit I bought it brand new. Michael's had Gilden t-shirts on sale for $2 - so I couldn't refuse. I bought a nice brand new 2XL shirt & refashioned it to an old dusty tie dye shirt :-)

  1. Trim down the neckband - cut just above the stitching line to hold it's shape
  2. Cut off the sleeves. I cut mine way back and I sewed my side seams in some, but you can just cut off the sleeves
  3. Tie dye your shirt. I did an accordion fold diagonally & tied it off with rubber bands, then I submerged it in a jar of Palomino Gold proactive dye from Dharma Trading - I let it sit in the jar for 24-hours. Wash & dry the t-shirt
  4. Using a grid ruler & rolling cutter, I cut 3/8" wide fringe all around the bottom (hence the 2XL shirt - I wanted the extra length)
  5. Knot the fringe. Take 2 stands & cross over 2 strands & knot them with the following 2 strands. Continue in the same direction all the way around the shirt.
Style it with your outfit & wear it!